Happy Propose Day 2022: whishes sms quotes for whatsapp Facebook Instagram status

Propose Day हर साल 8 February को पुरी दुनिया में मनाया जाता है। आप Propose Day Quotes, sms, Messages, Whises, Greetings को अपने loved one को Whatsapp, Facebook Instagram status, signal App, Snapchat पर share करें। 

अपने Beloved के दिल में हमेशा के लिए अपनी जगह बनाये और इस Propose Day को इन Messages के साथ वास्तव में Propose Day को यादगार बनाएं.


The First Time I Saw You, I Noticed My Heart Beat Faster & the Situation Is Same For Now Maybe I’m In Love With You. Happy Propose Day
I think about you all the time, Will you be mine forever? Happy Parpose Day

Valentine's Day Time Table
Happy Valentine Day Time Table सुनो… सुनो… सुनो… Time Table आ गया है… • Rose Day 🌹 – 7 February • Propose Day 💑 – 8 February • Chocolate Day 🍫 – 9 February • Teddy Day🐼 – 10 February • Promise Day 🤝 – 11 February • Hug Day 👫 – 12 February • Kiss Day 💏– 13 February • Valentine’s Day 💞💘 – 14 February तैयारी शुरू कर दो…

Happy Propose Day Quotes Whishes Greetings SMS

मुझे इन राहो में तेरा साथ चाहिए, तन्हाईयो में तेरा हाथ चाहिए, खुशियों से भरे इस संसार में तेरा प्यार चाहिए। Happy Propose Day
दिल करता हैं ज़िन्दगी तुझे दे दू, ज़िन्दगी की सारी खुशियाँ तुझे दे दू, दे दे अगर तू मुझे भरोसा अपने साथ का, तो यकीन मान अपनी सांसे भी तुझे दे दू Happy Propose Day
कुछ दूर मेरे साथ चलो हम सारी कहानी कह देंगे समझे ना तुम जिसे आँखों से वो बात मुँह जबानी कह देंगे I love u my sweet heart Happy Propose Day
कुछ कहने को दिल करता है.. जिसे कहते हुए डर लगता है.. आज propose day है कह ही डालते हैं.. हम तुम्हे दिल-ओ-जान से ज्यादा मोहब्बत करते हैं। Happy Rose Day
Boy – Will you be my valentine ? Girl – नही Boy – क्यों ? Girl – क्युकी तुम बहुत गिरे हुए हो Boy शायराना अंदाज़ में – प्यार की आंच से तो पत्थर भी पिघल जाता हैं सच्चे दिल से साथ दे तोह नसीब भी बदल जाता हैं प्यार की राहों पर गर मिल जाये सच्चा हमसफ़र, तो कितना भी गिरा हुआ इंसान भी संभल जाता हैं | Happy Propose Day

Happy Propose Day whishes sms quotes for whatsapp Facebook Instagram status

1. I want to walk with you, I want to talk with you.
2. I never saw so sweet a face as that I stood before. Happy Propose Day
3. For all the time my utmost desire is to be with you! Happy propose Day
4. My feelings for you have only grown stronger since the day we first met. I want to seal our bond forever today. Happy Propose Day
5. Come live in my heart and I'll not charge a penny from you. Happy propose day!
6. Did you know they changed the alphabet? They put U and I together. Happy Parpose Day
7. My heart has left its dwelling place and can return no more. Be with me forever. Happy Parpose Day
8. Truth is if I could be with anyone, I would still choose you. Please be mine till eternity! Happy Parpose Day
9. No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know that I LOVE YOU My Princess with all my heart. Happy Propose Day.
10. What greater feeling is there than that of two human souls that feel they are joined...What better day than today to seal their bond.
11. Wouldn't it be the perfect crime if I stole your heart and you stole mine?
12. Day grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. Will you spend the Rest of your life with me?
13. I still remember the moment....... When for the first time our eyes met And I felt butterflies in my stomach... since then my heart longs... to be with you always... Be Mine Forever
14. I can win the world with my hand, only if you promise me to hold my other hand, for a lifetime!! Happy Parpose Day

15. I Promise To Hold Your Hand, Regardless of What Happens, Till Death Do Us, Part Will You Marry me
16. My Eyes are eager to see you, my ears are eager to listen u, and my dreams in night are eager to welcome you. Happy Propose Day!!
17. The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.
18. I Love You for not what you are but what I become when I am there with you. So, be with me forever.
19. Feelings are always the same, saying it could be in different ways, some say it directly are called "lovers". Some write on paper called "poet"
20. I am opening an emotional bank account for you sweetheart. So, deposit your love in it and you will get the interest.
21. I can't imagine a life without you in it, I want to grow old with you, let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

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